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Our Background

The Ninja-Addons Team is made up of highly respected institutional trading figures in the professional trading world. With decades of experience, they’ve been top performers in premier Prop firms in the US and Europe. They’ve headed trading desks for investment banks, hedge funds, commercial banks, and insurance risk management.

Ninja-Addons was created to improve your user experience with the award-winning trading platform NinjaTrader 8. We provide you with high quality software to make you a NinjaTrader Master. Financial Markets are ever evolving, growing, and are rich with ripe opportunities. Using our software, you will find it easier to automate your trading and reach new heights.

What Exactly are we Offering

Automation. We’ve designed indicators, and various scripts to help you automate your trading. For 7 years, we’ve developed automated pattern recognition algorithms in various domains; such as Harmonic, Elliott Waves Theory, Chartist Analysis and Tape Reading. We constantly improve our algorithms to provide you the most accurate software as efficiently as possible.

By automating repetitive and time consuming tasks, you have extra time to focus on more important things and make smarter decisions. You’ll even find yourself managing your trades and orders better. If that wasn’t enough, we also provide trading sessions, videos and training materials to help you use and master our software.

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