Harmonic Indicator

The Harmonic Indicator detects automatically partials and
valid harmonic patterns from your chart, in real time.


The Harmonic Indicators detects automatically partials and valid harmonic patterns from your chart, in real time.

9 Patterns

ABCD, Bat, Butterfly, Crab, Cypher, Gartley, Shark, 5-0 and 3Drive.


Many features are available like : Volumes, Smart toolbar, Guide Lines, PRZs , Anticipation of pattern, Audio Alert, Market Analyzer and many more to come.


Everything is configurable directly from the embedded toolbar, so you can change the parameters without reloading the chart.

Harmonic Theory

The Harmonic trading is a technique that uses the recognition of specific figures based on the Fibonacci ratios and applied on prices to determine the reversal points (potential reversal zone – PRZ) highly probable. As often in Chart analysis, the goal is to identify the figures, and the entry and exit of a position by the assumption that the price action in the past will happen again in the future.

One of the first references to Harmonic Trading can be found in the work of J. M. Hurst. It was developed and popularized by Scott M Carney, who  wrote several books about this subject, and few others, like for example Darren Oglesbee who discovered the Cypher pattern.

The important concept to understand is that the separate price movements of each other are actually related. In addition, the Fibonacci ratios and patterns on prices of their relationship provide a way to determine where the turning points will occur. When these points are identified correctly, trades are executed at a price level where the cycle is potentially changing.

These trades are executed “in harmony” with the market.

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9 Patterns and Partial Patterns

It can detect ABCD / Bat / Butterfly / Crab / Cypher / Gartley / Shark / 5-0 / 3Drive patterns.

The indicator can also show the figures before they are 100% valid (displayed in dash lines). Since the apparition of the preceding PRZ point, it is possible to know the future configuration to trade and thus to anticipate the entry point at the PRZ.

You can also disable this option to only show the valid patterns.

The PRZ is an area where prices have a high probability of recovery. According to the harmonic theory, this zone is the optimal entry point to enter the initial movement with a low risk of failure. The indicator respects the theory, but it is possible to add a degree of freedom by allowing to exceed this area without compromising the validation of the pattern.

Similarly, it is possible to define a theoretical error margin around the exact level of each anchor of the pattern.

For each pattern, you can display the Guide lines and choose to display the Volumes.

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Various Features

The Harmonic Indicator comes with various features such as :

  • Partial Patterns and PRZ
  • Audio alert: An audio alert indicates if there is a partial or complete pattern detected.
  • Market Analyzer : it is possible to configure the Market Analyzer so that you can find harmonics patterns on different time frames and different instruments
  • Exposed patterns in C#: this feature is for advanced programmers who want to program their own automatic strategies, backtests or derived indicators.
  • Display options : for each figure, it is possible to view only its route, and/or its PRZ. Numeric price levels of the PRZ are displayed on the

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Smart Toolbar

The toolbar allows you in only one-click to display or hide different chartist patterns detected. So you can focus on one type of pattern, or trade only the last pattern found by hiding the others and get the chart lighter.

The toolbar is also retractable or can be dettached in a separate window to avoid overloading the main toolbar.

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Automate your Harmonic Trading

Applied manually Harmonic trading techniques can not be used on any time frame. The reason is that this technique is enormously time-consuming in terms of analysis. It is best to use on daily, weekly and monthly charts.

If you want to trade Harmonic patterns on lower time frames, you have to master the theory and be able to identifies patterns just by looking to the chart. You must know the exact ratio for each wave and for each pattern.

Or, you can use an automated tool to find Harmonic patterns in real-time, on any time frame and instrument like the Harmonic Indicator.

Sure, automation is rigid and not always right, in a sens that someone who master harmonic trading may find other patterns even if they are not 100% conform to the theory, by adding its own feeling and by taking into account the market context.

But automation is the first process to learn how to apply something theoretical and to help you avoid hesitation. With this tool, you have on your chart, in real-time whatever the time frame, every pattern conform to the theory. Then you can perform your own analysis by taking the context into accou

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$1 for 7 Days ONE-TIME payment ONLY!

100% deductible on purchase

  • No risk. Try it for 7 days
  • 9 Harmonic Patterns detected
  • Display Guide and Zones
  • WPF GUI toolbar
  • Market Scanner
  • Access to Member Area
  • 65+pages Users Manual
  • 7 Video Tutorials
  • Include Chart Templates
  • Include Scanner Templates
  • Trial available on NT8 (NT7 not available)
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$995 ONE-TIME payment ONLY!

NO on-going fees!

  • 100% FREE Updates and Upgrades
  • 9 Harmonic Patterns detected
  • Display Guide and Zones
  • WPF GUI toolbar
  • Market Scanner
  • Access to Member Area
  • 55+pages Users Manual
  • 7 Video Tutorials
  • Include Chart Templates
  • Include Scanner Templates
  • Available on NT8 (NT7 not available)
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Frequently Asked Questions

I still use NinjaTrader 7. Does your indicator work on NT7 ?

Indicators are not compatible between NT7 and NT8. We do provide the indicator in NT8 version. However, we can make the NT7 version available but it has less features than the NT8 version and we do NOT recommend to use this on the old NT7 Platform.

Can I use the indicator on multiple PCs?

You can use this indicator on up to 3 computers. Just check in with our support team so they can set you up with a multi computer license. send an email to [email protected]

What is your refund policy?

Our Refund Policy is simple, all sales are final. But we do offer our $1 - 7 Day Trial if you like to give it a test-ride first.

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